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Disclosure Statements

Do I Need A Disclosure Statement? The need for Disclosure Policies comes mostly from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) which mandates truth in advertising rules and regulations. The Material Disclosure Statement As it applies to the average Internet marketer, the Material Disclosure refers to revealing to the reader or site ...
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The Earnings Disclaimer

The Earnings Disclaimer is a Common Disclaimer Do I Need An Earnings Disclaimer? The Earnings Disclaimer may apply to various types of items purchased. It could possibly be found on a website, within a document or pdf, or as part of an agreement made when joining with a group of ...
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More About Disclaimers

The Purpose of the Disclaimer For The Product Owner or Service Provider The basic purpose for the use of disclaimers is to legally protect you, the website owner or product developer, from the possibility of negative results one gets when relying on the use of the service,  product, advice, method, ...
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The Disclaimer

More About Website Policies The Disclaimer The Purpose of a Disclaimer Basically, the disclaimer is a statement denying responsibility while intending to perform a “Duty of Care” so that “negligence” will not prevail in the assessment of “damages” that the victim can claim. The Need for a Disclaimer When one ...
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Free and Low Cost Website Policies

Help Is Available For many, the development of website policies is difficult for a few reasons, such as not knowing what to say or why to say it, the lack of legal skills, an inability to comprehend legal terminology and concepts, and limited financial resources available to pay for professional ...
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