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These products are intended for you to learn from but not for you to sell.

They do not come with any type of License.

The following products are offered for free but do not have any type of Private Label Rights or Resell Rights licenses. They are meant to be used for Personal Use Only. Click on the graphic or title to  instantly download the item.


Newbies Guide to Affiliate Marketing
Newbies Guide to Affiliate Marketing


Newbies Guide to Affiliate Marketing

This is a nice explanation for how to earn commissions when selling the products created and owned by others. It covers the basics of Affiliate Marketing.

 Affiliate Marketing Master Plan

This ebook will give you an idea as to what the daily activities are for the average affiliate marketer.




 A good introduction into the specifics of affiliate   program choices – especially                                   for ClickBank.

100 Super Affiliate Tips100 Super Affiliate Tips

This is exactly what it states.




The Affiliate Content Profits App is an affiliate marketing software that can help you make affiliate commissions by just sharing third party content on Facebook!

The app software is 100% free to use (cloud based)and the product includes tutorials and training for how to correctly apply it.

You can actually make money online by just posting website content on Facebook! You DO NOT need to have your own website.

Learn how to find trending website content that has been created by others and post that. You do not have to sell anything at all but you’re able to make commissions!

Basically, you are sharing the website content on Facebook, other social media websites, or with anyone to start making money online without selling at all, and by putting your own affiliate offer in front of others.

When you see your Facebook friends and fans sharing articles, news, videos, etc on Facebook, they didn’t create the content because it was created by other websites. They are just merely sharing, and now, so are you BUT with your affiliate link embedded and earning you a commission.

Consider Affiliate Content Profits




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