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Business Law Exists with or without You

The purpose of this page, the posts and links from it to various types of legal services and reference materials, is to enlighten the new online business owner as to the legal issues that might affect their business.

More than the use of business structure (sole proprietorship, limited liability, corporation, etc) as a method to protect against personal loss of assets and freedom, there is also the need to construct policies that govern the relationship between the online website customer, or blog visitor, and the online business.

A Major Problem – Being Legally Correct

Unfortunately, for many people, a major problem in conducting online business is the ability to be legally correct with regard to policies that affect the website, marketing and advertising, and other areas of business development. It is difficult to research the correct information as to what is required by one’s particular government. Even worse is how complicated the law can be.

I Know What I Need – But I Don’t Understand It

Although many won’t admit it, the truth is, they really do not understand legal language, concepts, and the implementation of law as it affects their relationships with their clients and others. The new business owner might know that they need to create policies that govern privacy, security of information, anti-spam, terms of use, and other policies typically found within most websites and blogs; but, they really do not understand the wording of the policies and the implication of the statements made therein.

The Fear of Legal Complications

Many aspiring would be Internet Entrepreneurs never get started because of their fear of legal complications.

Many feel stupid when questioning exactly what forms they need to purchase to provide security against being sued or shut down. Many new Internet business owners have no idea as to what to purchase and how to hire a lawyer. Affording legal forms and legal consultations with a lawyer licensed to practice with regard to your particular online business is often times not possible for those with limited budgets.

The Purpose of This Blog Page

I hope to assist my readers in the ability to perform online business, legally.

I am not a lawyer. At best, I took some business law classes in college, before Internet business and ecommerce even existed. Honestly, I know how hard it can be to understand even seemingly simplistic legal terms such as:

Duty of Care, Reasonable Man’s Standards, Liability, Jurisdiction, Disclaimer, Terms of Use or Service, Disclosure, Consumer Protection, Product Safety, And, MANY MORE! that will be covered in subsequent posts, and that are very specific to Internet business.

I hope to be able to guide the new online business owner to resources that are trustworthy, affordable, and necessary for one’s protection of their assets and personal freedom. There are some solutions for those just getting started and who cannot afford to buy the legal services and documents that they don’t even know they need. There are also solutions for the more experienced online business owner and marketer. I hope I succeed in directing those in need to resources that solve their problems in an affordable, trustworthy, and respectable manner.

At best, I can only hope to recommend that which already has established a good reputation.

Be sure to read the related posts for links to good resources that will solve many problems.

Also, visit the following website for a sincere approach to developing your website policies. If you join the email list, you will occasionally be sent good information regarding protection of your efforts.

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